CulturallyOurs Hawa Mahal Jaipur Creative Travel Retreat to India

Travel Retreat to Jaipur and Agra – April 2019

CulturallyOurs Hawa Mahal Jaipur Creative Travel Retreat to India

Come travel with us to India for a 9 day incredible adventure in 2019!

For decades, India has always been a destination that many dream of visiting someday to experience a land of mystic, grandiose, color, culture and deep rooted history. Yes, in many places cows still roam the streets, along with the occasional elephant, camel and sheep. Festivals are celebrated with much pomp and splendor and street food is the best kind of food there it.

But India is so much more than all that we see online. Life really begins to unfold when you take a step back and wander the backroads, away from the bright city lights and big shopping malls.

The Retreat Experience

Come journey with us to Jaipur and Agra to connect with India and her people on a deeply personal level. This unique creative travel adventure will teach you things far beyond any experience you have ever had.

Over 10 days we will travel to big cities, off-the-beaten path villages, engage with locals, try our hand at cooking, arts and craft as well as go on a tiger safari to experiences India’s jungles in a unique and thrilling way. We will end our journey in Agra with a visit to the iconic Taj Mahal, one of the 7 wonders of the world.

India is truly a dream destination.

People are always ready with a smile and welcome you into their hearts and homes with warm cups of chai (tea). Conversations are deep rooted and meaningful beyond the ‘Hello, how are you?’ Smiles are genuine and the interactions with nature, people and animals always leave you feeling innately satisfied and energized.

This is the India that we want to take you to see and experience for yourself!

CulturallyOurs Amer Fort Jaipur Creative Travel Retreat to India

The Retreat Dates – April 6th to April 14th 2019

The Retreat Guest Profile

This trip is perfect for you if you

  • value cultural diversity and international experience
  • are looking for a deeper connection with the world we live in
  • value adventure and consider personal and emotional growth a priority
  • appreciate comaradarie that stretches across oceans, language barriers and cultural differences
  • want to try India food (in India), soak in the beauty of grand palaces and get lost in the rural villages
  • want to go on an adventure safari to see India’s wildlife

This retreat is an unique, hands-on cultural experience. We want to provide our guests an opportunity to really be present in each of the experiences we have custom tailored and find sustenance of every kind—physical, emotional, and creative.

If you have any questions before signing up, please feel free to reach out to Karthika at

The Retreat Schedule

Rest assured, you will get to experience the ‘popular’ India along with the ‘lessor known’ side of India.

We will also take you where few visitors go so that you can relax, nourish your creativity, have meaningful experiences with the people and the land to become inspired to have a life well-lived.

The schedule includes:

  • Exploring the cities and villages
  • Learning based activities
  • Fun, adventure, and wildlife safari

Day 01 – Arrival into Jaipur

This day is a travel day for all participants to make their way to Jaipur. Attendees will be welcomed at the airport and transported to our homestay. This day is for you to rest, get over jet lag and get familiar with India. In the evening we will have a group dinner welcoming everyone. We will discuss the details of the next 9 days as well as give everyone a chance to meet and get to know each other.

Day 02 – Jaipur sightseeing

Morning yoga and meditation will kick off the retreat and after breakfast we will head into Jaipur for sightseeing. Jaipur is an incredible city full of culture and royal heritage. We will spend the visiting palaces, markets and meandering along the streets of Jaipur. Bring your cameras along. We will be back in time for a group dinner at the homestay.

Day 03 – Cultural immersion

After morning yoga and meditation, we will spend the  exploring the lessor known areas in and around Jaipur. Evening dinner will be in the homestay with cultural entertainment and a chance for some hands-on cultural immersion. We will also meet with Dr. Meeta Singh, the Director of ‘Dignity Of The Girl Child‘ NGO.

Day 04 – Ranthambore and NGO visits

We will travel to Ranthambore area and visit with the women owned co-operative, Dastakar Ranthambore, to discuss social entrepreneurship in India along with some hands-on activities at the craft center. We will stay the night at a lodge outside Ranthambore and weather permitting, go for a night safari/drive outside the park.

Day 05 – Tiger Safari and village visit

After an early morning safari into Ranthambore National Park, we will travel by road to meet the girls and women of Khandar, one of the primary villages that is served by Dignity Of The Girl Child NGO. This is our opportunity to learn more about all the work being done by the NGO. We will also go for a photo walk in the village and also meet with the local farmers in the village.

Day 06 – Tiger Safari and drive back to Jaipur

After an (optional and time permitting) early morning safari, we will make our way back to Jaipur and stay in a homestay in the outskirts of the city. Evening activities include some special surprises along with a bon fire meal.

Day 07 – Village stay outside of Jaipur

After morning yoga and meditation, we will spend the day on various hands-on creative activities like pottery, kite flying and cooking lesson with the in-house chef at the homestay. We will also spend time exploring the surrounding village to engage with the families that are supporting the homestay. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the people of India at a deeply personal and intimate level.

Day 08 – Travel to Agra

An early start to this day as we head out to Agra by road. We will plan on reaching our homestay in Agra by mid-morning so that we can catch the sunset at the Taj Mahal. This is a beautiful time to catch the golden light as it hits the Taj Mahal – a perfect photo opportunity. We will spend the evening in Agra at a charming homestay close to the Taj.

Day 09 – Travel to Delhi and heading home

This is the day the travel retreat will officially end. We will be leaving Agra and making our way to Delhi. Please plan your return flights such that you leave Delhi no sooner than 6.00pm local time. Should you choose to expend your stay in Delhi to explore the city, we can help you make arrangements (for an additional cost). Please let us know if you want more details on this.

CulturallyOurs Ranthambore Tiger Safari Jaipur Creative Travel Retreat to India

The Retreat Investment – the total cost of this retreat is USD $3,150

Payment plans are available – please email us at for more info.

Here is what all is included

  • lodging
  • all meals (except alcohol)
  • transportation during the retreat
  • all local activities during the retreat
  • daily yoga and meditation
  • transportation for safari
  • safari fees

Here is what it does not include

  • airfare to India (Jaipur and Delhi)
  • accommodations / food / transportation for any additional days (beyond the retreat) in India
  • entry to Taj Mahal

Due to the nature of this travel retreat, this retreat is nonrefundable.

We strongly encourage you to have travel insurance to cover the retreat in the event of strikes, natural disasters, health problems, and other unforeseen events. Accommodations are based on double occupancy and guests will be paired with roommates of the same gender.

The Retreat Guides

Your retreat guides are Karthika Gupta, photographer and founder of CulturallyOurs and Meeta Rao, owner of Tridiva.  Major Dr.Meeta Singh and Mrs. Ujwala Jodha will be co-leading part of the retreat when we go visit Dastakar and Dignity of the girl child. Pratik Sawant, wildlife photographer will be our safari guide during our stay in Ranthambore.

CulturallyOurs Taj Mahal Agra Creative Travel Retreat to India

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