CulturallyOurs_How to add global culture to your food and your table

How To Add Global Culture To Your Table

CulturallyOurs_How to add global culture to your food and your table

Forget the world at your fingertips, instead go for the world at your table.

While there is a special sense of comfort in the tried, tested and known, we all know that sometimes there is that insatiable urge to explore, experiment and try something bold, new and exciting. Perhaps our conversations with Minh Cao, a Vietnam native or Nik Sharma, an India chef, has inspired you to know more about these countries , cultures and customs. If immediate travel to India or Vietnam is really not in the future for you, don’t worry. Exploring world cuisines right from the comfort of your own home is a sure way to cure that sense of curiosity and wanderlust CulturallyOurs is meant to inspire!

While we here at CulturallyOurs love to travel, we know that life doesn’t always give us the luxury of packing our bags and heading out of the door at a moment’s notice. We all have limitations. Commitments that cannot be ignored. And there is nothing wrong with that.

But an easy way to explore the world without leaving the comfort of your own home is to cook the world and bring the world to your table. With a few spices and a stove, we can, literally, eat our way around the globe together.

Now before you turn around and say that you really don’t know how to and that its all too overwhelming with too many choices out there, here are 3 easy tips for eating globally in your kitchen and at your table.

#1 Start off slow

Whenever you start something new, it is prudent to always go slow. This logic even applies to trying new foods, spices and even new cuisines. Just like with babies who first start on solid food, one jar at a time, pick a meal category and start from there. Perhaps breakfast on a Sunday morning is your ideal jam. You love spending time in the kitchen cooking for your family, friends or even yourself. Pick a country and select a breakfast dish to experiment with. Check out this blog post for breakfast ideas from around the world. Perhaps Friday night cocktails are your time of the week to slow down and unwind. Instead of reaching for that beer, try a new spritzer or cocktail. Or if you are really ambitious, try picking a new country and a new dish every week and engage the whole family in the shopping, preparing and cooking process.

While some have the time to try a new country every week, a monthly global table might better suit your lifestyle. If you set realistic goals, you’re more likely to attain them.CulturallyOurs_How to add global culture to your food and your table Butternut Squash with pomogranate

#2 Be brave in the grocery and spice aisle

There is no reason to be overwhelmed by all the choices out there in terms of how and where to start your global culinary adventure. Sometimes it is can be as simple as picking up a vegetable that you are not used to or adding flavor in terms of a new-to-you spice to an old favorite. Yes, the grocery store can be scary and a bit overwhelming in terms of all the different spices and choices we have. But perhaps wander the aisles of the world cuisines and let your eyes do the work. Does that artichoke look appetizing and colorful? Good, pick that up and try adding it to your salad. Does that sprig of lemon grass smell heavenly? Pick it up and add a few sprigs to your morning tea for a tantalizing smell and taste. Have you heard of the sweetest of a Papaya? Try it today and be prepared to fall in love with one of the most delicious fruits on the planet.

Remember to do what feels right to you. Don’t get overwhelmed by all the different cuisines. Let your body, mind and senses dictate how and what to experiment with.CulturallyOurs Earl Grey Cocktail by Sugar and Charm via Pinterest

Photo and Recipe by Sugar and Charm

#3 Show off your culinary skills at home

If you’re single, consider starting a regular dinner party or potluck to add momentum to your global food adventure. If you’re part of a large family, remember to include the kids, grandparents and even old siblings. Perhaps give everyone a chance to spin the globe to decide where the next breakfast, lunch or dinner is going to be from. This can be a great learning experience for everyone involved as they spend time research, choosing and even shopping for the ingredients in the next global food adventure you decide to embark on.CulturallyOurs_How to add culture to your food and your table toast with heirloom tomatoes and garam masalaWe all know that diversity and culture are extremely important in today’s world. And what better way to start being a global citizen than in the kitchen. Food has the universal appeal of bringing people together. As we spend time in the kitchen with friends and family, conversations flow, bonds are formed and everyone walks away enriched – both in mind and body.

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CulturallyOurs How to bring the world to your kitchen and table



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  1. jay artale says:

    One thing we love about doing Workaway is that we get to stay with families and learn more about their cooking techniques and ingredients, so that we can add it to our our cooking repertoire. Great conversation starter to have them explain what they’re doing .. and connecting over food breaks down any social barriers.