CulturallyOurs Gatherings Spring 2019 Table

CulturallyOurs Gathering – A Culture Immersion Experience – Spring 2019

CulturallyOurs Gatherings Spring 2019 Table

The more we understand diversity, the more we appreciate what it truly means. And appreciation brings empathy and more importantly, acceptance.

The mission here at CulturallyOurs is to celebrate culture, diversity and inclusion by way of conversations, interviews, narratives, live events, and retreats. Diversity is such a beautiful thing. It opens you up to different perspectives, different ideas and different opportunities.

To this end, we are so excited to launch ‘CulturallyOurs Gatherings’

CulturallyOurs Culture Immersive Gatherings Spring 2019 Food

CulturallyOurs Gatherings are small group events where we focus on

  • hands-on learning about art, music and culture from around the world
  • engaging conversations about current events and happenings
  • heartfelt connections with others around you
  • global culinary pallet inspired by world flavors

Our events will be 2-3 hour long where we aim to bring our diverse worlds closer together with food, art, and culture.

CulturallyOurs Gatherings will explore global diversity without prejudice, religious bias or political agenda. We will focus on being casual, informative, engaging and most importantly, inclusive.CulturallyOurs Culture Immersive Gatherings Spring 2019 Art

Join us for our Spring 2019 CulturallyOurs Gathering

We have teamed up with Mary Krystinak of Mary’s Wholesome Living for an afternoon of immersive, hands-on Indian art and culture along with traditional small eats from Ireland.

Mary teaches everyday skills like cooking, canning , bread making and other such skills all over Chicagoland area. She shares her daily adventures in the garden, kitchen, classroom and outdoors – the simple pleasures of wholesome living.

CulturallyOurs Spring Gathering 2019

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