CulturallyOurs Spending time outdoors responsibly

10 Ways To Enjoy Warm Weather During Social Distancing

CulturallyOurs Spending time outdoors responsibly

Staying at home and sheltering in place is hard enough when it is cold and dreary. But as the weather turns in much of the Northern Hemisphere, staying at home when it is bright and sunny outside brings its own set of challenges. So how can you enjoy the outdoors while still maintaining social distancing mandated guidelines.

Here are some ways to enjoy the warm weather responsibly.

#1 Take a walk around the neighborhood

Often times in our quest for the exotic and the new, we forget all the beauty that is right under our noses. Or in this case, in our own backyards. So instead of planning a holiday overseas, try to find the beauty in your own neighborhood. Be it old Victoria homes that are refurbished, swanky high rises with all the bells and whistles or anything else in between, chances are you will find some unique architecture or historic landmark right where you live.CulturallyOurs Spending time outdoors responsibly walk the neighbourhood

#2 Get going on that spring garden

Now is the time to get into gardening. Where there it is in the backyard or even a small patio garden, there is nothing quite like getting dirt under your fingernails as you work the earth. Clean up whatever winter left behind and plant some seeds or even bring out the house plants for a little time in the sun. While the garden might not be ready for another few weeks or months depending on what you are planting this year, you can always plant seasonal plants or even cooler season plants depending on where you are.CulturallyOurs Spending time outdoors responsibly Spring Gardening

#3 Take up birdwatching

This is an activity that can literally be done from your backyard or patio. It can even be done from the security of your screened porch. As Spring and summer approaches the birds are out in full swing. From robins, to storks to cardinals and hummingbirds. Around the world, many birds are also along their migratory path and that offers truly unique opportunities to observe the wonders of the animal and bird world. All you need are perhaps a set of binoculars and your walking shoes. Take a walk around the neighborhood and try to spot the birds. Look for movement in bare trees or keep an ear out for an interesting bird call. If you are so inclined, set up a rudimentary bird feeder or bird bath in your backyard and let the birds come to you.CulturallyOurs Spending time outdoors responsibly Bird WatchingIf you have kids at home, this can be a great learning activity to try and spot the birds and research their lifestyle and migratory patterns. Check out your local Audubon society on all the birds that frequent your local area.

#4 Take a bike ride (alone)

While social distancing rules apply in many places around the world, solitary activities such as running, or biking are still possible depending on where you live. Crowded metropolitian cities like New York and London might have more strict social distancing guidelines so biking might not be an option. If you can get outside practice safe guidelines.CulturallyOurs Spending time outdoors responsibly bike ride alone

  1. Find empty or less crowded bike trails
  2. Bike alone as much as possible
  3. Don’t bike in groups
  4. Bike during odd hours to avoid close proximity with others
  5. Touch nothing and carry everything you need with you
  6. Keep your biking routes close to home

#5 Draw and paint on the sidewalk

There is something very endearing about chalk and chalk paint. Add to that the broad, wide canvas of the sidewalk and you have the perfect recipe for an afternoon of childlike indulgence and innocent play – something that is welcome at any age.CulturallyOurs Spending time outdoors responsibly sidewalk chalkSo, go ahead and grab that sidewalk chalk or better yet round up the kids and create an elevated sidewalk drawing with chalk. Perhaps even indulge in games like hopscotch, obstacle course or a maze and be prepared with hours of mindless fun and infectious laughter – exactly what the doctor ordered.

#6 Play outdoor sports in the backyard

As riveting as they are, video games and the such devices further force you to stay indoors for extended periods of time. Instead why not ditch the device and held outside for some physical exercise. There are plenty of no-contact sports that you can try outdoors while seeing social distancing guidelines in place. You can even take that Ping-Pong table outdoors and invite your neighbors play a game in the driveway. Get creative and modify rules if needed. Anything to bring some movement to those muscles and spend time outdoors responsibly.

#7 Enjoy dinner with a view

If you have access to a balcony or rooftop, take advantage of it and spend an evening outdoors. Enjoy your evening meal or even morning coffee with a breadth of fresh air and some Vitamin D, both of which are great for building and boosting your immunity naturally. It is also great for getting a respite from being cooped up in your home without having to venture outdoors. If you have a larger balcony or even a backyard take your exercise outdoors. Try mediating, yoga or anything you find relaxing. As the weather starts to improve and stay warmer longer, make this part of your daily routine and build it into your schedule.CulturallyOurs Spending time outdoors responsibly take work outdoors

#8 Take work outside

Just because you are working from home or learning at home, doesn’t mean you have to stay inside the house. If you have a strong internet connection, take work outdoors. Sit on the patio, deck or even in the backyard. Conference calls or zoom calls can also be taken outside. In a day and age where the normal has almost shifted 360deg, employers and employees are doing whatever they can to stay motivated and productive, so working outdoors should be perfectly acceptable.CulturallyOurs Spending time outdoors responsibly take work outdoors

#9 Head to the woods

The outdoors is soothing and refreshing for so many reasons. They are essential for our wellbeing. However most outdoor state parks, national parks and wilderness areas all around the world are currently closed to help prevent further spread of the pandemic. But there are many places around the world where you can still explore the outdoors and wild spaces without harming others. Before heading out, make sure to check your local areas for travel restrictions. Places like Germany and much of Europe have mandated stay at home orders that are policed. Meanwhile, most places in the US are not policed in their stay at home orders. But do the right thing and ensure you don’t violate any local or federal rules before heading out to the woods.CulturallyOurs Spending time outdoors responsibly walk in the woods

#10 Bring the outdoors in

Buy fresh flowers during your next grocery run and put them where you can see them all day, every day. If your garden is blooming, cut up a bunch of blooming branches and bring them in doors to the hallway or entryway. With the right amount of water and sunlight, the branches will continue to bloom and grow for a few days.CulturallyOurs Spending time outdoors responsibly Spring Garden

So many of us have been longing for those warm summer days and nights after being cooped up at home all winter long. While social distancing and stay in place guidelines might be around for a lot longer than any of us imagined, summer will not. So it behooves us to enjoy as much time in the sun as we can, while still being aware and respectful of social distancing guidelines.

How are you enjoying warm weather where you are?

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Ways to enjoy warm weather during social distancing by CulturallyOurs

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