CulturallyOurs Explore Slovenia With A Local

Explore Slovenia With Petra Jan

CulturallyOurs Explore Slovenia With A Local
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As I connect with people around the world and get a chance to learn more about their local area, communities and country, I am reminded of a line from The Circle Of Life song in Disney’s The Lion King. It goes something like this, “From the day you arrive on the planet, there is more to see than can ever been seen, more to do than can ever be done.” While I have always been a bit of spur of the moment adventurer, most of my adventures have been similar to things that I know, like and am comfortable with. But since March of this year, I have found myself yearling a lot more for the unknown. More new-to-me adventures and experiences – perhaps as a way to feel more alive and well lived in a way. My guest today on the CulturallyOurs podcast is Petra Jan, a mechanical engineer plus travel blogger from Slovenia. And I don’t know about you, but prior to speaking with Petra, I am kind of embarrassed to admit, I had no idea where Slovenia was. CulturallyOurs Explore Slovenia With A Local CulturallyOurs Explore Slovenia With A LocalPetra was a delight to speak with and she shared so many beautiful nuggets about her home country – a country that is so diverse in landscapes – from the ocean to mountains, lakes, national parks and hundreds of kilometers of hiking trails thanks to its geographic presence in Europe. She also shares little known facts about her home city – Ljubljana – a city known as a city of dragons. There is a lot of well-preserved archeological history in Ljubljana with incredible museums that showcase thousands of years of history. Petra also shares some unique experiences to be had in Slovenia from exploring a vast network of underground caves to photographing brown bears in the wild. Like she says there is something for every kind of traveler in Slovenia. CulturallyOurs Explore Slovenia With A Local  We also chatted about the future of the travel industry, one of my favorite questions to ask my guests this season and Petra’s answers definitely gave me hope that more people are looking for a positive shift and change in the travel industry – a move away from super commercialized, over touristy areas to more mindful and sustainable experiences involving localized activities. CulturallyOurs Explore Slovenia With A LocalSo come join me on this episode of CulturallyOurs and learn about Slovenia with Petra Jan.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that due to changing travel advisories and restrictions as a result of the global pandemic, please check local and country specific travel guidelines before visiting.

{Photo credits : Petra Jan; Website: Erratic Engineeress; Instagram: @erraticengineeress }
Petra is a mechanical engineer from Slovenia, who loves to travel and still believes in dragons and goodness. She shares her travel adventures, food recipes, sustainability tips and everything else in her life on her unpredictable blog Erratic Engineeress.

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