CulturallyOurs The Art Of Handwritten Notes And Letters

Reclaiming The Art Of Letter Writing In A Digital World

CulturallyOurs The Art Of Handwritten Notes And Letters

In our heavily digitized world, there is something so personal about not only writing but also receiving a handwritten letter. Handwritten notes, cards and correspondences all deserve to make a comeback now more than ever.

A tiny clay fragment that dated back to the 14th century B.C.E. was found in excavations outside Jerusalem’s Old City walls making it the oldest written document ever found. The find, believed to be part of a tablet from a royal archives shows that written word has been in use for a long time.

In contrast, how many emails do you get a day? How many texts do you send and receive? And when you go through a digital cleanup or an inbox purge, how many of these messages are lost forever. On the other hand, handwritten letters have special meaning that isn’t just something you can ‘delete’ with the click of a button. Instead, so many of us, put these letters or postcards on the refrigerator or tack board to live forever. A tangible paper copy lives in real life, begging you to hold onto it, reread it for years to come, and paint a picture with every word. The letter and the thoughts stand still in time.CulturallyOurs The Art Of Handwritten Notes And LettersWhen dropped in the mailbox, it’s the surprise, excitement, and gratitude that comes from receiving a handwritten letter that’s absolutely immeasurable. Today however letter writing or even learning cursive writing is a lost art no longer taught in schools. With technology at our fingertips, any love letter, thank-you note, or birthday card can be condensed down to a short text or email.

But a handwritten letter can convey what technology simply can’t. Right from the choice of paper to the type of card, the color ink of the pen to the postage used on the envelope, writing a letter is an incredibly personal experience. And whether you’re the writer or the reader, a handwritten note sent in the mail can help articulate your thoughts and feelings.

And of course, letter writing also makes us want to shop for cute stationary, beautiful paper and cards and of course, elegant pens. Who doesn’t love stationary shopping?CulturallyOurs The Art Of Handwritten Notes And LettersHere are some reason why you should consider sending handwritten letters and cards

#1 Handwritten letters are personal

In a digital world, where it can take less than five seconds to send an email or a WhatsApp message, there is something incredibly human and personal about getting a handwritten letter or card. A handwritten envelope with a real stamp takes time and effort. You need to put some thought into what you want to say and express. And that makes it so much more personal. Temping as it may be, it forces us to think beyond emojis and focus on letters and words. A hand-addressed envelope with a real stamp and luxury note inside is also very tactile. One of the oldest forms of communication, handwriting is innately human.

#2 Handwriting is a stress reliever

According to the Harvard Medical School, writing a handwritten letter is proven to relieve stress and promotes mental calm. Similar to exercise, meditation and even spending time in nature, writing gives us the opportunity to exercise different parts of our physical and mental states. And not to mention, it is also great for dexterity as we use our hands and fingers to hold a pen and write on paper.

#3 Handwriting helps with creativity and self-expression

Just like calligraphy or painting, everyone has a unique style of writing. Some are more beautiful than others but regardless writing helps with self-expression. Coming up with a writing style your own brings forth feelings of creativity. It is also an opportunity to embrace right-brain thinking, allowing your creativity to influence how you write, what you write, how you read, and how you interpret the words.

#4 Handwritten letters are timeless

In our fast-paced world, we could all use the opportunity to pause and slow down, right? Whether it is to write a letter or even read a letter or note, you are taking time away from the screen and engaging your eyes, brain and senses to really focus. A handwritten card, letter or postcard is significantly more engaging than an email or message. It promotes thoughtfulness. From a purely tactical standpoint, you also tend to spend much more time reading a handwritten note because you cannot skim it in the same way you can a font on a screen.

#5 Handwriting notes builds deeper connections

All said and done there is a sense of having a deeper connection when sharing a handwritten letter. The paper, the font, the envelope and of course the contents all demand time and effort – time to read and time to write. This means that both the person sending the letter and the person receiving the letter are both vested in the relationship. This creates a shared experience that is intimate and meaningful. Despite the digital world offering us the opportunity to connect with people we otherwise couldn’t via platforms like social media, studies show that almost half of us feel lonely and isolated. Sending or receiving a handwritten note makes the interaction seem less transactional and more personal.

Unlike a text or email, handwritten letters offer both physical and emotional value that doesn’t go unnoticed by the receiver. You can hold a letter in your hands, smell it, display it, share it, and store it. And because they’re often unexpected or occasional, they’re associated with feelings of happiness and delight.CulturallyOurs The Art Of Handwritten Notes And LettersMost people believe that handwritten letters are a form of nostalgic communication and are much more likely to treasure it and save it for years to come.

To get started in the art of letter writing you really don’t need a whole lot. Try picking up some cards or envelopes the next time you are at the post office along with some pretty stamps. Start with important events like birthdays, anniversaries or even graduations and send a physical card with a handwritten note. For longer letters or correspondences, take some time to formulate your thoughts and feelings. Or just simply write to your favorite person in the world sharing your day. Once you get the hang of it, letter writing will seem natural and easy.CulturallyOurs The Art Of Handwritten Notes And LettersIf you want to use letter writing as a way to make new friends and connections, there are even some wonderful organizations and websites that connect you to pen pals all over the world.

PenPal World

PenPal World, founded in 1998, connects millions of global users through its safe, fast matching portal. To maintain security, members make their first interactions directly through the site — then transition their conversations to email or hand-written letters.


You may not be traveling any time soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t send postcards. Postcrossing is a project that connects people through the art of physical postcard-writing. The idea is simple: send one to the address you’re given, then receive one from another random “postcrosser.”

Worldwide Snail Mail Pen Pals

With over 19,000 members, Worldwide Snail Mail Pen Pals is an active Facebook group that fosters friendships across the globe. Navigating the group is simple: members post calls for pen pals, and those interested respond in the comments. Moderators oversee the interactions to ensure safe and kind responses.

Starfish Project

Starfish project is a social enterprise with a holistic care program that cares for women escaping human trafficking and exploitation in Asia. At Starfish Project women and girls experience freedom, establish independence and develop careers. They offer a note writing program where volunteers write notes and words of encouragement to women escaping human trafficking in Asia.

Soldiers Angles

If you’d like to commit to writing letters to soldiers for some time, give Soldiers’ Angels a look. The letter writing team is one part of its effort to provide support to troops. Joining this team requires at least a three-month commitment where you write a letter a minimum of one time per month.

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