CulturallyOurs Explore Tokyo And Japan With A Local

Explore Japan With Barrett Ishida

CulturallyOurs Explore Tokyo And Japan With A Local
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For those of you who have been following CulturallyOurs since the beginning, it should come as no surprise that I love everything about culture and traditions – especially Japanese culture. In fact, all the posts and interviews related to Japan and Japanese culture like Ikigai, Wa -the concept of harmony, Ikebana and Kintsugi are some of the most popular articles and interviews on CulturallyOurs. So you know, this interview is already super special, right?I am so thrilled to welcome Barrett Ishida to talk about exploring Tokyo and Japan on the podcast today. Barrett is a Japanese American, born and raised in Hawaii but now has been living in Japan for the past eleven years. Barrett talked about how initially his fascination with Japan and wanting to live there was to understand his heritage and culture better. He thought it was just something he would do for a couple of years and then move on. But eleven years later, he cannot see himself living anywhere else.CulturallyOurs Explore Tokyo And Japan With A Local - AsakusaBarrett and I talked about so many interesting things about Japanese people, Japanese culture and of course a first timer’s guide to Tokyo. Barrett gave us an itinerary of exploring the old and the new of Japan. He says that what’s super special about Japan and Japanese culture – not only do you have the new and the hip, but you also have the ancient and the traditional. He says, ‘That’s what is so special about living in Tokyo and Japan in general, it is just not about the fancy things, it is about how well the new and the old integrate with each other – each special in their own way.CulturallyOurs Explore Tokyo And Japan With A Local - Sensoji Temple AsakusaWe also talked about Japanese food – something Barrett is super passionate about. He says, one the best ways to explore a place is through food. And not just the fancy restaurants but the local traditional places. Just go in and strike up a conversation with the owner and learn about their lives. It is an experience unlike any you will find in a guidebook for sure.CulturallyOurs Explore Tokyo And Japan With A Local - Kayabacho SakuraIt was such a delight speaking with Barrett and he showcased Tokyo and Japan is such a unique way – a local’s point of view. So, if like me, you are in love with all things Japan and Japanese culture, come join Barrett and me as we explore his beautiful country on this episode of CulturallyOurs.

{Photos by: Barrett Ishida; Website: Barrett Ishida ; Instagram: @barrett.ish }

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