CulturallyOurs Countries With The Best Food

Cultural Cuisines – Countries With The Best Food

CulturallyOurs Countries With The Best Food

Learn about which countries are considered as having the best food in the world, especially among travelers.

For so many people, food is one of their favorite part of traveling along with buying souvenirs and taking a selfie at a popular location. Some places just blow our minds with flavorful and delicious local cuisines. These are the ones that we always remember, even years later, down to the taste, texture and smell. After all the more we see, taste, hear, smell and feel the world around us, the more real, vibrant and dynamic life becomes. We discover just how beautiful living truly is.

Here are some favorites when it comes to countries with the best food. These are based on variety of flavors, types of cuisines, and availability of specialty foods.

#1 Italy

Italy is an utter celebration of the senses with over-the-top artistry and lavishness. But amidst that there is also the simple pleasure of good food, hearty conversations and a general zest for life. And this can be seen in Italian foods.CulturallyOurs Countries With The Best Food - Italian Homemade Pasta CulturallyOurs Countries With The Best Food - Italian GelatoItaly is almost a given among travelers because of the simplicity of foods and flavors. After all, everyone loves good wholesome pasta and delicious pizza, right? Travelers and visitors claim to be able to spend their entire vacation in a carb-filled coma eating pizzas, homemade pastas and gelatos every day! And of course, all of this goes really well with a good bottle of Italian wine – a hot favorite among many travelers.

#2 India

CulturallyOurs What To See And Do In Delhi Travel Log Humayuns TombIndian food seems to be another hot favorite. And food in India is so diverse. Almost every region in India has its own specialty – from rice dishes, to breads, to sweets and curries. Of course, add to that masala chai, lassi (a yogurt-based drink) or even strong South Indian coffee and you will be in food coma after every single meal.CulturallyOurs Countries With The Best Food - Indian Food CulturallyOurs Countries With The Best Food - Indian Food And SpicesOne thing that most travelers are concerned about is spices and spice levels for Indian food. While it is true that most Indian love a lot of heat and spice in their meals, this is something that can be easily adjusted to everyone’s individual pallet. So just make sure you let your host or waiter know what is acceptable to you.

#3 Romania

CulturallyOurs Countries With The Best Food - RomaniaRomania is influences by so many cultures that there are many different types of foods and cuisines there. There are even many gluten free options. And the best part is that meals are relatively cheap, so it is very easy to eat well while traveling in Romania.

Traditional Romanian food brings together a mix of ingredients and are heavily influenced by Balkan, Turkish, Serbian, German, and Hungarian cuisines. Due to this enriched experience, Romanian food is varied, filling, and very savory. Food like mamaliga (polenta), sarmale (stuffed cabbage rolls) and Mici (grilled minced meat rolls) are just a few favorites among travlers.

#4 Singapore

CulturallyOurs Countries With The Best Food - SingaporePerhaps very few countries are as much of a cultural melting pot as is Singapore. With so many ethnicities calling this tiny island home, food options in Singapore are plentiful. From Chinese to Indian to Malaysian and everything in between, it is possible to have a world gastronomy tour in Singapore every day of the week. There are even malls here that are literally filled with food establishments and nothing else.CulturallyOurs Countries With The Best Food - SingaporeStreet food in Singapore is also extremely popular and cheap. Of course, if you want to have a fine dining experience, that too is possible with some incredible high-end restaurants.

#5 Bali

CulturallyOurs Countries With The Best Food - BaliWhile India certainly takes top place for vegetarian cuisines since much of the country is primarily vegetarian, the island of Bali is known for its innovative, fusion-inspired and healthy vegetarian and vegan foods. Balinese culture and lifestyle also attracts a huge expat, digital nomad community because of its low cost of living and that has added a beautiful western influence to traditional Balinese cuisines. The outcome is some unique dishes and food concepts.CulturallyOurs Countries With The Best Food - Bali Health Foods CulturallyOurs Countries With The Best Food - Bali Local FoodsSome traditional Balinese dishes are sate lilit, babi guling and lawar. Sate lilit is marinated with coconut milk and other spices and can be enjoyed in sticks. Babi guling is roasted pork. The pork can only be roasted as a whole because it will be rolled (guling) over the fire, so it’s originally a communal dish. Lawar is made by mixing chopped meat with various green vegetables and grated coconut.

#6 Japan

CulturallyOurs Countries With The Best Food - JapanMost people don’t realize it, but Japanese food is also varied and fantastic. There is so much to eat beyond just sushi. From Kaiseki Ryori (vegetarian dishes), Raamen, okonomiyaki, katsu, donburi and a myriad of Izakaya dishes to name just a few.CulturallyOurs Countries With The Best Food - Japanese Food CulturallyOurs Countries With The Best Food - Japanese FoodsA good rule of thumb when in Japan (as it is with almost any country you travel to), get local advice on what are some of the good places to eat. You can never go wrong with the adage of eating where the locals eat!

#7 Spain

CulturallyOurs Countries With The Best Food - SpainSpanish cuisine is another hot favorite with travelers because of all the explosion of flavors. From tasty tapas to superb seafood and traditional roasts, food in Spain is all about making the most of the best local produce.CulturallyOurs Countries With The Best Food - Spanish Paella CulturallyOurs Countries With The Best Food - Spanish TapasSpanish cuisine is probably best known for various Spanish tapas (cold or hot Spanish small bites) including world-famous national foods like iconic jamon iberico, legendary paella, and gazpacho. But actually, there are many other gastronomic delicacies of Spain. Some of the most popular and must-try-foods in Spain include gazpacho, paella, tortilla española, gambas al ajillo, tostas de tomate y jamón, pisto and turrón.

#8 USA

CulturallyOurs Countries With The Best Food - New York CityAn honorable mention among travelers for best cuisines is the US. Being a land of immigrants, so many communities have made their home here in the state and along with that comes different cuisines. From Vietnamese to Mexican to Greek to Italian to Irish and everything else in between. The one thing that most travelers find is the US is the popularity of fusion cuisine – foods that have been adapted to fit local tastes. In places like New York and LA it is quite possible to have a world gastronomy tour right from the comfort of your own hotel because of the availability of nearly every kind of cuisine.CulturallyOurs Countries With The Best Food - New York CityDo you agree that these countries have the best food? What are some of your favorite countries to travel to for their food and food culture?

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