CulturallyOurs Explore Morocco With A Local Leonie Captures

Explore Morocco With Leonie Zaytoune

CulturallyOurs Explore Morocco With A Local Leonie Captures
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Back in 2018-2019 timeframe, gosh! It does seem like a lifetime ago doesn’t it, it felt like everyone in the travel industry was talking about Morocco and Marrakesh. Nearly every travel blogger, travel magazine, travel agents and even travel influencers had Morocco on their minds. And perhaps rightfully so. From wandering around colorful souks or local markets to exploring secret gardens in the old medina – Marrakesh seemed like a treasure just waiting to be explored.CulturallyOurs Explore Morocco With A Local Leonie CapturesBut there is so much more to this incredible city and country than what meets the eye, and I am so excited to welcome Leonie Zaytoune to the CulturallyOurs podcast to talk about her hometown and home country Morocco. Leonie is actually Dutch and moved to Morocco a few years ago to be with her husband. After spending almost 6 years in a long-distance relationship, Leonie says it was time to come home. Leonie shares a lot of what draws her to Morocco and Marrakesh. She says this is a place that has incredible diversity – in community, lifestyle, people and culture. It is also a place that allows her to pause and take in all that life has to offer. A place where she can breathe easy, slow down and really explore her inner self.CulturallyOurs Explore Morocco With A Local Leonie Jardin Secret MarrakeshFrom bustling markets, to traditional riads in the old medina, to the incredible Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Desert and even the Atlantic coastline which is only a few hours away from the city, Leonie shares some incredible places that people can visit when they come to Morocco.CulturallyOurs Explore Morocco With A Local Leonie Medina In MarrakeshAs always Leonie and I also chat about the future of travel and how travelers can travel better for places like Marrakesh and Morocco that rely so heavily on the tourism trade. “If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that some economies and communities are so fragile. I hope we can learn to appreciate, respect that and also figure how to make travel more economically sustainable in the future”, she says.CulturallyOurs Explore Morocco With A Local Leonie Tahanaout MoroccoSo if Morocco and Marrakesh are on your radar to explore sometime this year or the next, I invite you to join Leonie and I as we chat about all things Morocco on this episode of CulturallyOurs.

{Photos by Leonie Zaytoune; Website: Leonie Captures; Instagram @leonie.captures}

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