CulturallyOurs Fun Ways To Build Connection With Others

Fun Ways To Reconnect And Build Community

CulturallyOurs Fun Ways To Build Connection With Others

As much of the world continues to open up and get back into somewhat a normal routine since the pandemic, many of us struggle to fit into a routine. Things that were normal no longer seem so. Social interactions and gatherings suddenly feel different and perhaps just a tad bit little awkward. But being isolated and alone is not really healthy – both from a mental as well as physical standpoint. So how can we establish connection with others in a safe yet authentic way?CulturallyOurs Fun Ways To Build Connection With OthersHere are some ideas on how to reconnect with friends and family, rebuild your inner circle and recreate that sense of belonging and community – with intention and purpose.

#1 Plan meals around friends and family

We already know that families that cook together stay together. So extend this concept of planning meals and cooking to your friends as well. Invite them over and prepare dinner together. Use mealtimes to bond and connect with the people you invite. Aim for quality instead of quantity. Even if you have a handful of people at your dinner table, make it special by cooking together, encouraging dialogue and allowing everyone to contribute in some way.CulturallyOurs Fun Ways To Build Connection With Others Cook Together

#2 Host a game night

Boards games are certainly making a comeback since quarenatine. Game nights are full of fun, family antics, laughter and some healthy competition. So go ahead and plan a game night for your friends and family and turn up the fun factor. Have a variety of options and take turns in playing games that everyone enjoys.CulturallyOurs Fun Ways To Build Connection With Others

#3 Plan staycations or weekend getaways

Plan a road trip or even just a day trip to a nearby location. Sometimes just getting away from everything even for a few hours is all that you need to reset and rewind. And what better way to do that than with friends and family. If you cannot get away for the weekend, even plan a night out for the perfect staycation in the city or even a neighboring suburb.

#4 Host a backyard bonfire or movie night

Drive in theaters and outdoor movie night bring forth a deep sense of nostalgia. There is something so magical about watching a movie under the stars. So go ahead and plan your own version of outdoor movie night. You can pitch tents or blankets in the backyard and have a movie night with a projector and a big screen which are fairly easy to rent or source. Don’t forget the ingredients for the s’mores and anything you will need to build a fire.

#5 Try a virtual class

There are still many options and activities that you can do online. Try a zoom exercise class or a cooking class. Watch a concert online or even just schedule a zoom with friends and learn something new. Trying a new activity is a great way to meet people. You can even take this a step further by sharing your knowledge and experience with your friends. Are you a photographer? Maybe teach your friends how they can improve their photos. Are you a painter? Teach a basic painting class.CulturallyOurs Fun Ways To Build Connection With Others Take A Virtual Class

#6 Write letters to far away friends and family

While FaceTime and Zoom are great ways to “see” and “meet up” with family and friends, there is something so personal and heartwarming about getting written letter and postcards in the mail. So go ahead and write physical letters, send care packages or even just a postcard to say you are thinking of them. It is bound to brighten someone’s day.CulturallyOurs Fun Ways To Build Connection With Others Write Letters

#7 Go for a walk with a friend

Next time you head out to walk your dog or go for a run or hike, text a friend. Invite them to walk with you and spend time together.

#8 Meet a friend for coffee or ice cream

Take the time to get to know a new friend or a long-standing friend better over a warm drink or sweet treat. There is nothing like physically sitting down across from each other and having meaningful conversations.CulturallyOurs Fun Ways To Build Connection With Others Meet A Friend

#9 Start or join a book club

Is there a new book that you cannot wait to read? Do you have a favorite book? Invite your friends to read it with you. Plan a weekly book club where you discuss each chapter and dive deep into the storyline together.CulturallyOurs Fun Ways To Build Connection With Others Book Club

#10 Go with the seasons

Participate in a seasonal activity that really sets the mood and mindset for the changing seasons. In summer, wander around farmer’s markets or head out to the beach to soak up the sun. In autumn, pumpkin patches and apple orchards open up so plan an outing around that. Around Christmas time, there are outdoor ice skating rinks and Christmas light shows. Pick an activity in celebration of the season and invite a few friends to join you.CulturallyOurs Fun Ways To Build Connection With Others Plan a day in the sun

What are some ways you spend quality time with your friends? And how do you foster a sense of community and connection with intent. We would love to know.

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Fun Ways To Build Connection With Others By CulturallyOurs

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