CulturallyOurs Storied Recipes With Becky Hadeed

Storied Recipes With Becky Hadeed

CulturallyOurs Storied Recipes With Becky Hadeed
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“Everyone has to eat at least three times a day. Why not make what you eat an unforgettable experience and get to know different cultures and cuisines while being adventurous with your food”.

These are the words of my dear friend, fellow podcaster, and host of the popular show ‘The Storied Recipe Podcast’, Becky Hadeed. Becky and I were introduced by way of a common friend, and I immediately fell in love with everything Becky does. She is also a photographer, and it is always great to have friends in the industry. And I consider Becky a dear friend. While this interview was recorded a while back and shame on me for procrastinating so much, Becky was such a delight to speak with. She shared her culinary beginnings of being introduced to food at an early age with her mom, her family, and their food dynamics as well as how her podcast has really opened her up to so many different cuisines, cultures, flavors, spices, and dishes. And the best part of her show is that she recreates the dishes her guests talk about. My episode on the show was all about, can you guess it? Yes, it was about masala chai and all my wonderful memories of drinking chai with my mom.CulturallyOurs Storied Recipes With Becky HadeedBecky and I also talked about what it means and maybe does not mean to be a foodie. Her take on this was very interesting, and we ended the interview with a fabulous discussion on who she would invite to her dinner table if she were throwing a dinner party. Her answer both humbled me and got a big smile on my face.CulturallyOurs Storied Recipes With Becky HadeedI know you are going to enjoy getting to know Becky and her food journey on this episode of CulturallyOurs and I encourage you to go check out her show as well. Why not kill two birds (figuratively of course) with one stone?

{Photos by Becky Hadeed}

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