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Culturallyours Podcast Explore Italy With A Local Chiara Dallarosa

CulturallyOurs Podcast Cover Karthika Gupta Oct 2018
Season 05
Explore Italy With Chiara Dalla Rosa
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Show Details

In this episode, we explore Italy and the city of Vicenza with Chiara Dalla Rosa. Chiara is a local living in Vicenza and she share some of her favorite places to explore in and around the city. She also share some off-the-beaten path adventures around Italy away from the super touristy places – a country known for history, museums and of course amazing Italian food. From restaurants to outdoor spaces, Chiara take us on a beautiful adventure – right from the comfort of our homes. Chiara also showcases some incredible images from all her adventures around Italy – from Puglia to Napoli and Capri.

Show Notes

Karthika explores the incredibly beautiful country of Italy and the city of Vicenza with a local Chiara Dalla Rosa. Chiara lives in Vicenza with is in between Verona and Venice and she shares her love for this city – unique experiences in and around her home town. She shares some off-the-beaten path adventures around Italy that can help us explore this amazing country that is famous for its history, museums and of course amazing Italian food. From restaurants to outdoor spaces, Chiara take us on a beautiful adventure – right from the comfort of our homes. Karthika and Chiara also talk about the future of travel as seen from the eyes of a local living in a touristy location.

The Transcript

Karthika: Welcome Chiara. Thank you so much for joining me on Culturally Ours. I am super excited to have you on the podcast, and I cannot wait to chat with you, get to know you a little bit better, and get to know your corner of the world a little bit better.

Chiara: Thank you so much for having me on the podcast and for inviting me. I’m so excited to get to be here and, as I told you already, I’m a big fan, so it was great when you invited me. I was like, I’m super thrilled. So, thank you so much.

Karthika: Thank you. Before we begin, could you tell us a little bit of who you are, where you’re from, just to help set the stage for us?

Chiara: Definitely. So, my name is Chiara Dalla Rosa. I’m an Italian creative and I have a lot of passions. A lot of them are mainly arts and culture, traveling food, and yet through the past year, as I’ve worked in different roles in different industries, mainly arts and design and photography. I currently finished a job in marketing and communication, and I’m currently also working as a photographer, specializing in food, travel, and portrait. And hopefully, with my photography, I always try to be able to tell meaningful stories about people in places.

Karthika: And your photography is beautiful.

Chiara: It is a bit of a tricky question so I’m a bit of a nomad, and I think that’s how I define myself for the moment because well I’m currently living you need to leave and back at my parents’ home in just on the countryside around between, so, which is a little town between Verona, and Venice in the North of Italy I say that I’m a nomad because I’ve recently come back from Australia. I was there for just over a year. I was there and I had an amazing time and before then I was living in London. So, I think I’m still and I’m planning some other trips and other moons soon. I’m currently based in Italy, so that’s my hometown. That’s where it was where I grew up, where I was raised and I’m, I’m happy to be here and sort of rediscovering my hometown. Then all these surroundings area.

Karthika: Italy is such a beautiful country and yes, you’ve been to different parts of the world, but you’ve come back home. So, tell us a little bit about home, your hometown. I know you said it’s a small town, but just describe it for us.

Chiara: So, where I live is the countryside just outside of Verona and Venice in the town of Vicenza. It’s a beautiful town. I, as I said, I’m reevaluating in now that I’m back even just city centers is just beautiful architecture and it’s very much characterized by a lot of architectures by Andrea Palladio, who was an architect in the 7th century and it’s all sort of neoclassical architecture. So, there are a lot of things exactly like extras in the center of the city, as well as in the surrounding areas. There are lots of villas and stuff like that, so it’s just beautiful to even just like. Visit the city and I just love to be back and it’s just so easy as well, to sort of busy and all the CDs around because it’s close to Venice, as I said, it’s just one hour away you can go to the Lake, you can go to the mountains, you can go to the beach in a short time. I really should drive. And obviously, there is good food, good wine.

Karthika: Chiara, talk to me a little bit about just whatever has happened this past year with the pandemic, with just the way countries are dealing with it. I know Italy had had it pretty rough early on. So, can you talk a little bit about sort of how your community or how your hometown has handled the pandemic so far, and are things reopening? What are the reopening plans?

Chiara: So as I said, I was in Australia until July. So, when the pandemic hit, I was there so it was a bit strange to sort of leave the pandemic. I kind of felt safe there by the same time I was there. I was worried because of my family, my friends are leaving here so I was hearing from them and I was seeing through the media, what was happening here. From my experience, while I was in Australia, I think they said I was feeling very safe and everything was taken very seriously, even more than in other countries sometimes and, after the lockdown, everything sorts of started to reopen. Slowly, everything sort of started to get back to normal. And even restaurants and hospitality businesses, started to reopen, and beaches started to reopen and everything so obviously because of the pandemic, I wasn’t able to come back as I was planning to in April. Because that was my initial plan, so I did my isolation time in Australia. Wasn’t that bad and then finally, when the board, or like when flights became a bit more frequent, I decided to come back to Italy and that’s where I was happy to be back and see how exactly everything was sort of slowly getting back to normal, I think because it was summer as well. A lot of people were seeing things I think more positively as well sort of like going to the beach and just like, I think even obviously like myself, a lot of other Italians are had probably rediscovered their own country because they weren’t able to travel abroad. So, I think that was sort of like the positive side of this at least. And, so things are slowly getting back, I don’t think there will be a normal, normal as it was before, but it’s slowly getting back to sort of maybe a little bit more how it was before COVID.

Karthika: It has a very different meaning now. So many ways right now, have restaurants and everything like restaurants, museums, and those things, have they all opened up or is that still kind of day to day?

Chiara: They all opened up some of the like bars and clubs they were opened during, which was a bit crazy, I think during July and August and then some of the regulations changed again now some of them, in some of the places you can still sort of like you have a specific time when you can go and maybe if you drink something you have to eat, like with your drink, let’s say, so you can’t just drink, drink, or and, muses as well are open obviously like one of the experiences that I had when I was in Naples, for instance, when was that August? Is that a lot of I mean, obviously now they have more regulations and less people can go inside at the same time. Better than me for not checking in for no booking before going to the muse but, sort of like it’s better to book now, if you want to go to a big museum, cause you, you might not find a space at this specific time. You might have to wait or always wear masks when you are in the door so things like that I think exactly. There is a bit I feel very positive about it. Like everything is kind of reopening obviously with a lot of regulations and attention to. Being careful let’s say. Right.

Karthika: And I think I think Italy, in general, is such a tourist country anyway. Plus, it’s been hit quite bad and it feels like you said, there’s a positive feeling that maybe these changes all for the better, these changes are, make everybody feels safe and then stuff like that. Right?

Chiara: Definitely. Hopefully, we’ll see, I think even tourism, I mean, you will change in a way, but hopefully in a good way, like in a positive way. And we’ll probably pay more. Let’s say if before we were just traveling for the sake of it now we might just. Planning differently and maybe traveling.

Karthika: That’s right. And I think, I hope that’s how it is and it leads me very well into my next question. You talked about this earlier as well, where you said I am rediscovering a lot of what my hometown and my country’s all about, do you see that happening? Like with other people too, especially with tourists and stuff they’re not in the same number as before, but are you seeing more local people traveling like your friends and family? Are they exploring more of Italy for themselves?

Chiara: Definitely. I think like the experience with my friend, at least I see they are even. Like obviously, because they couldn’t go exactly abroad as they would do normally even just like going to Berlin or like London or Paris, or even just a weekend is not possible anymore, or at least you have to, I don’t know. And then all these things change every week. You have new regulations and quarantine times, so you never know what’s happening. So I think, a lot of my friends and family as well sorts of, taking the time to rediscover Italy and just maybe just sticking the car and even just deciding last minute, perhaps a short treatment, maybe really, exactly going a few hours away from where you leave or taking a weekend away in Tuscany rather than piracy for instance so I think that’s important. So again, a positive side to all of that.

Karthika: For sure. For sure. Now let’s, let’s switch gears a little bit and I think I want to hear your perspective since you are from there and you’ve lived there. So if I or somebody else were to plan a trip at some point where would you take us, give us sort of an itinerary on where to go, what to do, and this can be concerning your hometown or anywhere in Italy.

Chiara: So I think I think specifically to like where I’m right now, I would definitely recommend to museums and architecture. Maybe walking around the city and exploring the areas by foot. There are also lots of little villas to discover. There are many restaurants to try out as well. A lot of these restaurants are family run and they pay attention a lot to seasonal produce and, really what’s available during that specific time of the year. So even that, and then I would suggest to maybe do a little, I don’t know, wine tasting or something similar, maybe I mean, to be honest there is so much to see and do.

Karthika: A lot to do now. You have a lot of love for your hometown and your kind of country. Talk to me, let’s get a little bit specific. Talk to me a little bit about what sort of draws you to where you are, what makes it special what, What do you like to think about and smile at? Because I, I love hearing from a local’s point of view. So I’m just curious,

Chiara: I think again being able, as I said, I probably liked it when I was little, I wasn’t I’m happy to live in this little town in the countryside. Public transports are not amazing in this area. I think once you also live abroad, you appreciate what’s there. Where you were born and, I think because exactly I’m now back, I’m so passionate about art and culture and food and there are so much of those things in this area and I think I just love to be able to go away just for a day trip to let’s say the mountains and just go and have a long hike, take some time off in nature and, it’s, it’s amazing. You can just take a train and go to Venice and spend some time there. I think Venice as well, that has been my home for a little bit because I was studying there. So every time I go back, I know a lot of people say that it’s a super touristic city, which it is then if there are places where to go and if you have your local friends that live there and they just bring you to the right places and, it’s such a beautiful, beautiful place to be for again, our show

Karthika: For sure. For sure. And you’re right. I think going with somebody from the area has its special charm right now that, on that note, I want to know your perspective. And I want to know your preference. Like I said, sometimes hearing from somebody local to a place just adds that much more interest in that much more uniqueness to an experience. So this is all your perspective and your sort of opinions. Okay. So what is your favorite restaurant and why, and this can be in your area.

Chiara: There are so many, many options that need to be difficult to pick one, but if I could pick two there is an amazing restaurant called Zamboni. I used to work there when I was younger when I was studying, so it’s close to my heart, it’s a beautiful place and it’s on top of a hill and you can see a little from there, you can see a little lake and it’s just a beautiful venue. And, it was, I was saying before, it’s one of those restaurants that pay to sort of create a seasonal menu using local products and, just really paying attention to the producers they’re using and using local suppliers as well. So I really liked that and I mean, food is amazing and wine and all of that and service as well. It’s pretty good. And another one that comes to my mind is I haven’t been there in a, in quite a long time. It’s a place where they specialize in risotto, which is one of my favorite dishes, Italian dishes. So, I mean, that must be one of my favorites for sure. And I remember going there and they even serve you so you have different options. You can just pick one of their dishes from their menu or pick a little sort of a tasting experience. So you could try different results of types and flavors. I think that’s pretty amazing.

Karthika: Sounds delicious. I love risotto too. What’s your favorite activity?

Chiara: So as I keep saying, I just love culture and art in general. So I think I have to say probably visiting galleries and museums and taking photos and meeting sort of other fellow creatives but again being in nature as well is one the thing that I love and I think it’s quite easy exactly to. Being in nature and just, I said even just speak up the car and go somewhere around here or for a hike but even, I mean, because I live in the country it’s really easy for me, for me just to go for walks around my parents’ house there is like a lovely bush area around here and a little sort of stream close to my parents’ home.So, I think that could be one of my favorite activities as well. And it’s just nice. I don’t know. I get so much inspiration as well. I don’t know. I think a a lot of people just walk and you have time to think about things and just, get a a bit of time for yourself.

Karthika: I agree. I love nature. I love the mountains and you’re so right. There’s something so inspiring it just you’re on your creative juices, just sort of flowing Any outdoor spaces that are more sort of a locals hangout. I know you said you love nature, you love kind of just walking, but are there any specific, anything specific that is maybe not that obvious for tourists, but as a local, it’s something that you guys cherish.

Chiara: Some areas are pretty local and I don’t think they’re so popular. That’s like a little river area in like there is a park around then it just gets so crowded in summer because the water is cold, but it’s such a beautiful place just to go in and sort of have a chill time there and similar places along the river Brent, which is also a sort of, not far from there, not even far from each other, but again, it’s such a, It’s a very popular place for locals to smear. Again, even spring, I remember going there sort of, for Easter as well. And we were like camping there, you couldn’t camp there, but there was this sort of agreement with everyone that you could do that only like Easter. Cause a lot of people to go there and just hang out together and like to have barbecues and stuff like this. So I think that’s pretty good.

Karthika: Now, what about, what about sort of local experiences and think, think especially with Italy, right. And a lot of people say you must take an Italian cooking class there. Things like maybe cooking classes or even like bike tours or kayaking tours, things that maybe I wouldn’t find in like a lonely planet guide to exploring Italy.

Chiara: I was checking out this villa which has beautiful frescos and I found these experience that it’s like wine tasting insights under the first CO’s I just find it so amazing so probably that one because it’s the right time right now and then it’s sort of October so wine is in season. I also have this friend who is an  illustrator and she told me about this place where she has her she does sort of engraving there and so and it’s, I haven’t checked this place out yet, but I know that it’s sort of running by this young guy. And I think I’d like to check that out personally cause I know that we have data workshops as well, so that could be an interesting one and have maybe your print done by yourself and, I think that will be an interesting one as well.

Karthika: Now you mentioned a couple of times that you see yourself discovering more of your home country or the areas around your hometown. So where have you gone recently or discovered maybe a new local gem, something you maybe you went to when you were a kid or didn’t even know a lot.

Chiara: Well, so I was lucky enough to be able to go to the South of Italy. In July just when I came back from Australia I had a friend who has got a house in Posatino, so we went there with other friends and had such a beautiful time. I haven’t ever been there, which is crazy but, it was finally able to visit, like we were on the sort of west coast near Gallipoli and, just the water was crystal clear and just in general, like being there with locals and even my friend she’s been going there since she was like really little, probably a toddler. So she knew all these sorts of local places where to go. I also went to Naples and had a friend who was from Naples and he gave me an itinerary to doing Naples. So I felt like he gave me the right spots to go and visit and even Naples like everyone was telling me that I had to go and visit it and it was like, okay, okay. And, finally, I had the time and it was true, it’s an amazing city. So much to see again, so much to try in terms of food and so much art and, no, it’s crazy. I mean, you can truly experience the time there. We all the old pizza older, I mean I’ve never eaten so much pizza all together.

Karthika: My kids love pizza as well. And I remember when we went to Rome, which is probably not the best pizza place, but we got lost and we went to this somehow found ourselves this little small hole in the wall, sort of a pizzeria. And you could tell that it was mainly locals because it was just, it was just like an extension of your grandma’s kitchen. I mean, my son still remembers as it was like three years ago.

Chiara: Well, that’s good, and I think those places as well are like the best ones family-run and just like, you don’t really know how, but even like with the the menu was written by hand or.

Karthika: Yes. And we don’t speak Italian or know Italian, but it was just, it was a lot of pointing, a lot of expressions and the meal was amazing. We do, we do it well. For sure. Now, this is probably again one of those questions that I want to know your perspective and there’s no right or wrong answer. Everybody has different opinions, so that’s fine where do you think travel is headed in the future?

Chiara: So that’s awesome I think, and I hope we’ll try it more consciously as I was saying before, I think we got so used to and personally myself as well to sort of, travels so much for pleasure for work not sometimes even paying attention to how much we were traveling. I think this time at home and sort of lockdown gave us the chance to I mean we were looking forward to being back traveling. So that’s one thing that, I mean, everyone probably missed, but, hopefully, we’ll try more ethically and sort of out on a slower pace as well, I think so. Just sticking more time and hopefully not taking any for granted anymore in a way I mean, I think we Hope I will get back. As we said, there won’t be a normal as it was before for sure. There’s going to be a new normal and a new way to sort of approach travel hopefully.

Karthika: For sure. And I think you’re right in what you said about taking it slow because firstly, I mean you just, I don’t think you can do a short weekend trip anymore because things are changing. You have to quarantine before you have to quarantine after. So by de facto, we are going to have longer trips, but hopefully, it’s, it’s more it’s trips that are more meaningful by trying to look at how people are living, how the community is ingraining ourselves in the, in like on the ground and not just saying, okay check to mock this and this and this and I’m done and I’m going to move on. So, I hope, I hope that’s kind of where we are headed, which makes it more enjoyable, I think as well.

Chiara: Cause sometimes I think we’re through, I mean, I did it as well. I’m so worried about it. Like checking off from a list, like all the things that we need to see and we need to sort of taking pictures of and share on Instagram. I mean that’s also a big one but, hopefully, we’ll be more caring. I think it is just more meaningful exactly.

Karthika: All right. So now you’re a traveler, you’re a photographer and you just are a creative person. So what are your sort of travel plans? where would you guys like to go next when all of this is sort of settling down and perhaps opening up, where are your adventures going to take you?

Chiara: Well, my plans, so I had these plans already to go to New Zealand. I should have been in New Zealand by now. But that was before everything happened we had to put everything on hold so hopefully when everything sort of borders will reopen we’ll be able myself and my partner will be able to go to New Zealand. So hopefully this will be in February, January, February, even everything is changing week by week or day by day, even. So we’ll have to wait and see, so hopefully, that will be a shift and we’ll move there for a couple of years and to experience the country and travel around that’s the dream. We’ll see. Hopefully, it will happen soon.

Karthika: I had a guest come on for New Zealand and she said she had some amazing places. Check that one out and listen to that interview.

Chiara: Oh, amazing. I definitely will.

Karthika: Thank you so much, Chiara. This was amazing. Thank you for giving us insight into your beautiful hometown and your country. It sounds amazing. I cannot wait to go back and if you’re there definitely can, as sync up with you so I can get the local’s perspective again but thank you so much.

Chiara: Thank you so much for having me.


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