Exploring Global Cuisines – Food From Around The World


Season 06 Global Cuisines CulturallyOurs Podcast

CulturallyOurs Podcast Cover Karthika Gupta Oct 2018
Season 06
Exploring Global Cuisines - Food From Around The World
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Show Details

In this episode, Karthika introduces Season 06 which is all about global cuisines. Karthika talks about this season in depth and what it covers. From chefs to food bloggers and everyone in between, this season takes a look at food from around the world and how it is a great way to not only connect with people but also gives a sense of what life is like. How people eat is a great way to understand how they life. And when you are open to having a globally inspired kitchen and table you learn to connect more with the world as a whole.

Show Notes

Karthika introduces Season 06 of the CulturallyOurs podcast which is all about global cuisines – food from around the world – through conversations with people about the food that they make and the foods that they eat. Exploring the world through food is a great way to get the inside scoop on how food and lifestyles are interconnected. How we life affects the food we eat and how we eat impacts the way we live our lives. Come explore the world with us through food and educate yourselves on the diverse cuisines all around you.

The Transcript

Here’s something to think about for Season 06 of the CulturallyOurs podcast – Forget the world at your fingertips, instead go for the world at your table. So, what does that really mean? Are you ready to jump in and find out?

While there is a special sense of comfort in the tried, tested, and known, we all know that sometimes there is that insatiable urge to explore, experiment and try something bold, new and exciting. While you all know how much I love to travel, I know that many times it is not easy to just pick up, pack up and head out the door at a moment’s notice. We all have limitations. Commitments that cannot be ignored. And there is nothing wrong with that. But an easy way to explore the world without leaving the comfort of your own home is to cook the world and bring the world to your table. With a few spices and a stove, we can, literally, eat our way around the globe together. Like I said right at the start, forget the world at your fingertips, instead go for the world at your table.

Welcome to season 06, yes 06 of the CulturallyOurs podcast. This one has been a long time coming. Not only because it kicks off the third year of the CulturallyOurs podcast and platform but also because food is such an essential for everyone. With so many different cultural cuisines around the world, I am really excited to explore food from around the world and the people who are generously welcoming us into their homes and kitchens.

This season marks three years of this platform and I am so glad you are here. It has been an incredible journey to get here – so much of blood sweat and tears but also so many incredible adventures, meaningful connections, and people I am so honored to call friends from all over the world. I must admit this season was hard for me. Hard because I am not the world’s greatest cook. Okay that’s kind of putting it mildly – I am quite a bad cook. But I am not upset about it. I am mature enough to understand that it’s a skill I don’t have – to be creative in the kitchen. And I practice my creativity elsewhere. So, when I took this mindset, the season just magically flowed together.

From indigenous chefs to food bloggers, to culinary artists to farmers and everyone else in between, we look at food in all its glory. What inspires people to cook? How lifestyles are built around food and much more. We look at this concept of comfort food and the healing power of food. My goal and aim with this season are multifold. I want us to become a conscious eater. I want us to get exposed to different cultures by way of food. I want us to become excited of walking into the kitchen and figuring out something to make and lastly, I want us to learn to appreciate all that we cook and eat. There is joy in not only eating good food but also preparing it.

So as always pull up a chair, grab something to eat or drink and lean in for a listen. Welcome to Season 06 – Exploring Global Cuisines.

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