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CulturallyOurs Anabela Silva Portuguese Fado Musician

February 18, 2020

Anabela Silva

In this episode, Karthika interviews Anabela Silva, a musician and singer from Portugal who shares her insight and experience on the culture and tradition of Portuguese Fado music.

CulturallyOurs Japanese Taiko Drumming Music Tradition

January 21, 2020

Taiko Japanese Drum Music

Explore Japan’s Taiko music which is the ancient Japanese form of percussion music using large drums that are played in an intense, rhythmic and choreographed format.

Vignesh Ishwar CulturallyOurs Carnatic Music Podcast Interview

January 14, 2020

Vignesh Ishwar

In this episode, Karthika interviews Vignesh Ishwar, an award winning musician from Chennai, India. Vignesh is an IT professional turned musician who has been performing Classical Carnatic music all over India and around the world.

CulturallyOurs Sarah Parikh

July 23, 2019

Sarah Parikh

In this episode, Karthika interviews Sarah Parikh, a 17 year old high school senior who is also an accomplished dancer. Sarah shares her life and lifestyle as a dancer who started when she was around 3 years old and how dance and creativity will always be a part of her life. For someone so young, Sarah has a very mature mindset in how she deals with success and failure both in her art as well as her life. She talks about the importance of being in a team as well as surrounding yourself with people who care about you – no matter what path you choose.

CulturallyOurs Hannah Rose Beasley

April 30, 2019

Hannah Rose Beasley

In this episode, Karthika chats with Hannah Beasley of Hannah Rose Creative, a graphic designer focused on providing thoughtful and strategic branding for creatives.

CulturallyOurs Katie Davis Floral Artist And Creative Entrepreneur Salem Oregon

April 16, 2019

Katie Davis

In this episode Karthika interviews Katie Davis, an artist, florist and creative entrepreneur from Salem, Oregon who teaches other artists, florist and creatives the art of creative process and expression.

CulturallyOurs Maggie Mayta Collection

March 5, 2019

Maggie O’Reilly

In this episode Karthika talks to Maggie OReilly a designer from Chicago, who shares her business journey in building an ethical and sustainable fashion and home goods brand that sells products from Peru and Morocco.

CulturallyOurs Megan Steffen Dishique Chicago Entrepreneur Artist

February 12, 2019

Megan Steffen

In this episode, Karthika interviews Megan Steffen, an artist, entrepreneur and owner of Dishique in Chicago, Illinois. Megan shares how she used her creative expression, curiosity and a strong drive to succeed to build a thriving business.

CulturallyOurs Niki Peel South African Photographer Podcast Guest

February 5, 2019

Niki Peel

Karthika interviews Niki Peel, a wedding and elopement photogepher from Port Elizabeth South Africa. Through the conversation, Niki shares her journey in owning her own business for the past eight years, her successes and her failures and once she started focusing on what made her truly happy, the rest, as they say, was history.

CulturallyOurs Season 02 Of CulturallyOurs Global Entrepreneurship

January 22, 2019

Global Entrepreneurship

Season 02 Of CulturallyOurs focuses on global entrepreneurship sharing stories of successes, failures, and lives of entrepreneurs from all over the world.