CulturallyOurs A Local's Guide To Exploring Coimbatore Tamil Nadu India

My City And I – A Local’s Guide To Coimbatore India

CulturallyOurs A Local's Guide To Exploring Coimbatore Tamil Nadu India

As part of Season 03 of CulturallyOurs which showcases Lifestyle and People, we are thrilled to share letters from locals all around the world as they take us along a virtual journey of their city, village or hometown. This is a way for us to get to know one another on a personal level without any ‘must see‘ lists or ‘Top 10‘ activities. Getting a local’s point of view is a fantastic way to get a glimpse into the lives of the people of a place, city or country.

Today we travel to Coimbatore in the southern state of Tamil Nadu in India. Lakshmi Rubini shares a glimpse of her beautiful city and its people in our local’s point of view series.CulturallyOurs A Local's Guide To Exploring Coimbatore Tamil Nadu IndiaFrom Ruby,

Hello, I am Lakshmi Rubini and I go by Ruby J. I was born in a small village in Pollachi, a town in Coimbatore district. Coimbatore is a city in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu in India. Hill ranges surround it and hence several picnic spots exist for a one-day drive and back. Though I now reside in the United States, there will never be another place in this universe that could hold a spot in my heart as Coimbatore does.

I realized the beauty of India only after I started doing photography. I was waiting to visit India so that I can capture the beauty of the place where I grew up. Though there are many tourist attractions around Coimbatore, the city itself doesn’t have much to explore. However, what makes it more special is the love and respect people have for one another. While talking about Coimbatore, I have to mention about the weather. Coimbatore has a pleasant, salubrious climate, not reaching the high temperatures of other southern India cities. Situated in the Western part of the state of Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore is located at an elevation of about 398 meters. That means maximum and minimum temperatures during summer and winter varies between 35°C to 18°C.

I visited India in May 2019, which is almost after two years. I decided to visit my village with my family. We had moved from Pollachi to Coimbatore when I was 16 years old so I wanted to go back and stay there for a night so that I would get some time to relive those past moments and most importantly I wanted my daughter to experience it too.CulturallyOurs A Local's Guide To Exploring Coimbatore Tamil Nadu IndiaThis was my first home. I wanted to capture the streets I played in during my childhood, but this home and random person in frame has added so much story to this picture.

I also got to witness the temple festival that happens every year in our village. In fact, twelve villages combine to celebrate this festival. Below are the snippets from the festival on how people celebrate. These pictures also show that India is the most colorful country. CulturallyOurs A Local's Guide To Exploring Coimbatore Tamil Nadu IndiaWhile I was there we got to witness a village festival and my daughter and my niece enjoyed the many rides the festival had to offer. CulturallyOurs A Local's Guide To Exploring Coimbatore Tamil Nadu IndiaAfter I returned to Coimbatore, I tagged along with my sister one day to practice street photography when she went for a morning walk to the most popular place in Coimbatore called Race Course. It is 2.5km walking track that is quite popular and well known for morning and evening walks. A great location to people watch and get some exercise. As I said before, people who live in Coimbatore makes the place more special and this place is the best to experience that.CulturallyOurs A Local's Guide To Exploring Coimbatore Tamil Nadu IndiaCulturallyOurs A Local's Guide To Exploring Coimbatore Tamil Nadu IndiaI loved capturing a glimpse of their lives and I love how these pictures convey their stories. Last but not least, I have to thank my city for the best years of my life and overall making me the person I am today.

Thank you so much for tagging along and getting to know my favorite city. I hope you will visit one day to experience all that Coimbatore and India has to offer.CulturallyOurs A Local's Guide To Exploring Coimbatore Tamil Nadu IndiaRuby, thank you so much for taking us along a virtual journey through your village and the city of Coimbatore in India. We are completely smitten by all the colors of everyday life in India and these images and your personal narrative makes us want to pack our bags and head out to experience all of this for ourselves. India is colorful, magical and so full of life.

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How about you? Are you ready to put Coimbatore and India on your list of places to experience.

{Credit: Photos and words by Lakshmi Rubini }

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  1. Sarah Wilson says:

    I so enjoy reading stories like these. I absolutely love nosing into other people’s lives. It’s been a while since I visited India and it was the small towns like this that I adored 🙂

  2. Yukti Agrawal says:

    I have been to Coimbatore when I was in school and loved its authentic Tamilian vibes. Your photo of ethnic Tamilian house with rangoli on front door is a lovely capture. Good to know that here many village festivals are also held as I love such authentic fairs and festivals.

  3. Jayvrat Chakrabarti says:

    I wish I had multiple clones of myself who could visit so many beautiful places that we have in our country – Bharata. I get sort of enamored by the medium and small sized cities. They actually present the true cultural values of what Bharata stands for. I am so thankful to Ruby to give a brief but such a beautiful glimpse into Coimbattur (I would prefer to spell it that way). Thank you so much Ruby.