CulturallyOurs Dangerous Journey of Migration

The Human Side Of The Migration Journey

CulturallyOurs Dangerous Journey of Migration
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Today’s episode on CulturallyOurs is inspired by an audio article that I listened to on NPR. And for those who don’t know what NPR is, it is the National Public Radio channel here in the States that often shares amazing stories and narratives on topics and issues from around the world as well as interviews with incredible people. I was listening to an opinion piece on Weekend Edition Saturday called ‘How Will We Remember Migrants Who Suffer, Strive And Risk Their Lives?’ by Scott Simon and I will link to the article in the show notes. Scott talks about the perils that people are going through in order to escape or leave places of conflict to get to places that they deem are places of opportunity.

And sometimes people are successful. But more often people are not and they pay with the price of their life. Some of the questions that he asked were so pointed and it just got me to stop and think about the harshness of life. I was heading out to the gym and I literally pulled over on the side of the road and listened to him. Perhaps what made it even more intriguing and thought provoking was the fact that here I was doing something that a more privileged person would be doing while at that very moment, there was perhaps someone somewhere in the world risking life and limb to get into a truck or a train or even a storage container to try and make it out of a horrible situation for a better life.

So today on this episode of CulturallyOurs, I want to share with you the human side of this somewhat dangerous journey of migration.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Very sad listening to this. I work with migrants, many of their stories are horrific. All they want is a better life. Don’t we all.

    • Karthika Gupta says:

      Agree Sarah. It is really sad and so many times the answers are not political but human. There has got to be a better way to deal with this that both sides can agree on. Migration is nothing new – we humans have been doing it for centuries.