CulturallyOurs Travel Research Like A Pro

How To Arrive In Any Destination Like A Pro

CulturallyOurs Travel Research Like A Pro

The journey is the best part of any trip. But the destination and how you feel when you finally get there is a whole different ball game. Here are some tips that will help you plan ahead to get to your destination with style and a level head.CulturallyOurs Travel Research Like A Pro

#1 Plan your arrival time appropriately

Arriving in the daytime is not only safer in most places, but it will give you the opportunity to arrive wherever you are staying and get ready for the trip ahead. Not to mention, most of the time, airport transportation is often slower and you may run the risk of the amenities being unavailable the later it gets. Better be safe and in your destination than not so safe and nowhere near where you should be.

#2 Have a plan of action (at least for the first day)

Plan your first night in your desired destination. Book your transportation to and from where you are arriving and where you are staying, or at least have a plan of action and some background research before leaving. This will help prevent wandering around without some semblance of an idea of where you are and will help you stay safe. 

#3 Bring physical maps

Bring maps of the location you are traveling to. You don’t want to chance the mishap of your smartphone not working, so it is always a good idea to bring a hard copy of the map in case of emergencies. Or, download one on your phone if WiFi is unavailable in your destination. 

#4 Be aware of timezones and time change

Make sure you reset your watch whenever you are traveling in-between time zones and changing the time from where you begin your trip to where you end it. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your belongings in a strange place, not to fiddle with your watch. Plus, it reduces the stress of not knowing what time it is when you could be worrying instead about how you’re going to include everything you want to accomplish within your trip.

If you’re arriving in a different time zone than what you’re used to, try to get outside if it’s still daylight. This will help your body adjust to the local time zone and climate, and getting some fresh air does wonders for your body. Plus, you can get the chance to scope out your surroundings before you head out on your trip and you can refresh yourself as well. CulturallyOurs Travel Research Like A Pro

#5 Research local customs and traditions

Make sure you thoroughly research local customs and traditions before leaving to an unfamiliar place where you don’t know or follow the local ways. You don’t want to offend anyone or put yourself in a compromising position to get harassed if you don’t. Always be respectful of the people and places around you and make sure you are aware of what’s happening. 

#6 Plan for the weather

Check the weather multiple times in advance and plan for when the weather changes unexpectedly. Even if it’s going to be one specific temperature throughout the duration of your trip, always pay attention to the weather and pack clothes for all circumstances. You don’t want to be caught with sudden cold or hot temperatures when you aren’t prepared. 

#7 Handle money and money exchanges appropriately

If you’re traveling internationally, make sure you have the current currency and the exchange rate is noted down. You don’t want to be fumbling at an ATM or worse, not knowing the rate and guessing what you need. If you didn’t bring local currency, use the ATM at the airports or public spaces for exchanges so you don’t get into tight situations if your credit card isn’t accepted at a specific place. CulturallyOurs Travel Research Like A Pro

#8 Adopt a safety first mantra

Try to be as safe as possible with your luggage. Don’t let other people handle it without your permission or outside of your sights. And even if they are official staff, keep an eye on your personal belongings. You don’t want someone stealing them, or worse. 

#9 Be aware of stranger danger

Stranger danger. Especially if you are traveling alone but even if you’re in a group. Don’t get into taxis with strangers – as in don’t share taxies with strangers – don’t go somewhere alone with a stranger, and try not to rely on a stranger for anything. Bad things can happen so be as safe as possible. 

#10 Share your plans with friends and family

Make sure trusted people know your itinerary and where you are planning to go and do. Having more people aware of where you are and what you’re doing makes for a safer trip overall. If you’re checking in or arriving at a destination, make sure you let those trusted people know, so they don’t have to worry about you. Let them know how to get in touch with you and frequently check in with them as much as you can. CulturallyOurs Travel Research Like A Pro

#11 Practice food safety

Make sure to research food options before you arrive, to keep yourself less stressed about what you’re going to eat and more on how much you’re going to enjoy it. And if you have dietary restrictions, make sure you catch up on that. You don’t want to get into a tight spot at the moment. 

What others would you put on this list to ensure you arrive at your next destination like a pro-traveler?

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