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Alicia Isaacs-Howes Connects To The Truth Of Her Soul

CulturallyOurs Alicia Isaac Howes Your Soul Story headshot

I recently interviewed Alicia Isaacs Howes, the founder of Your Soul Story and an intuitive healer, teacher and coach, who also happens to be a British native. Alicia has traveled and lived all over the world and is now calling the Unites States her home.

Alicia combined her background as a management consultant with her “crystal clear intuition” to develop a coaching framework and practice that connects people who are struggling with purpose, health, love, money or anything else back to the truth and love of who they are. As she explains it, she accesses the Akashic records of their life (and past lives) and helps them remove distortions blocking their path to realign with who they truly are. This helps them acknowledge their gifts, their potential, and their purpose for being here in the first place. She has worked with thousands of people in this way for more than 15 years.

Alicia was born just east of London in Essex, enjoying a nice combination of countryside and city. But her desire to see the world manifested early, as Alicia studied languages and spending time as an exchange student in Spain and Greece. Hiking in Seville with friends was the first time she really felt like herself and felt whole. Although she felt Spain was her spiritual home, Alicia was quick to travel wherever the opportunity arose.

Alicia eventually began a career in management consulting, traveling across Europe to Singapore and eventually ending up in Chicago. Her consulting assignments kept her on the road, giving her a challenge to figure out her path. “Every time was a little adventure,” she says. She did experience isolation in Singapore, but she felt like being on her own was an experience she needed after ending a nine-year relationship and growing up in a family of seven.

People are the same all over. People’s souls are recognizable, even though it may be expressed in different ways in different cultures, she says. Her travels taught her a core realization that we are all connected deep down inside and to keep an open mind and an open heart.

Alicia had always been intuitive, but felt it was bad and tried to shut it off. As time went on and her career grew, she began to feel uncomfortable in her life. As she reached management level in her career she became aware that she was supposed to do something more. Despite her outwardly successful life, she was exhausted and unhappy, feeling her own untapped potential, and all the pain and fear of those around her on a daily basis. She ignored these feelings, which ultimately manifested as a disease and constant pain that western medicine could not heal.

In her desire to live without pain, Alicia began to explore alternative counseling and healing, including spiritual and energy healing. Alicia was able to cure herself of the disease and find her own true path. These experiences gave her the understanding and tools to change her life forever. Two years later, she quite her corporate job and began a new, more fitting, magical path as an intuitive healer, teacher and coach.

Alicia works with many women entrepreneurs on their vision and brands, and believes their businesses are their greatest teachers. She uses her intuitive skills to help women entrepreneurs clear themselves and realign with the businesses and their dreams, taking actions that lead them to what they want to create.

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Although Alicia believes that we are all the same underneath, she believes that the different ways we express ourselves help us learn about ourselves. Diversity makes life fun and interesting. Alicia recommends that entrepreneurs do what makes them happy and connect with clients that are looking for that too.

She encourages people to open up to or listen to their intuition, to reopen the gifts and knowing that many people shut down as children. She recommends asking “How can life delight me today?” and then waiting to see what surprises come. Alicia also discusses the concept of “energy matches” between people – how people experience certain soul connections with specific places.

Have you ever felt an unexplained connection – an energy match – with any location? I’d love to hear about it!

In the meantime, tune in to this episode of CulturallyOurs, I know you are going to enjoy it as much as I did.

{To connect with Alicia, head over at Your Soul Story on Facebook}

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