CulturallyOurs How to have a global career and mindset

How to successfully have a global career

CulturallyOurs How to have a global career and mindset

Isn’t that the ideal dream of every adult to live and work all over the world as a way to expand our cultural repertoire. So many of our guests in this season of CulturallyOurs have had such interesting global experiences living and working all over the world.

Alicia Isaacs-Howes spent close to two decades traveling all over the world working as a management consultant. And Maggie Wu, a designer and founder of a lifestyle brand, had lived and worked in New York before moving to south-east Asia to expand her own business.

If a global career and living in far-flung, exotic places is just the thing you want to do in the future, we encourage you to watch this whiteboard session from Harvard Business Review on how to successfully have a global career.

To recap this whiteboard session, here are some strategies, behaviors and mindset shifts to help move your career in the direction of working globally.

#1 Practice positive indifference

Accept certain corporate and cultural nuances as part of the work environment and go with the flow.

#2 Embody a global perspective in your work

This helps you feel like you are connected to a global enterprise and global vision as opposed to identifying to locally practiced beliefs and ideologies within your organization.

#3 Seeking commonality in teams

When interacting with people in different countries, strive to seek a common ground rather than focusing on the cultural differences. Check out this article to learn more on how to work in cross-cultural teams.

#4 Embrace the corporate culture

This helps you be in tune with the global organization and not just something that is prevalent in the headquarters.

#5 Activity seek global opportunities

By regularly engaging with members of other countries within the company to exchange ideas, work on projects and also facilitate learning and sharing best practices, you set yourself up to be open to new opportunities as and when they come available.

#6 Have global career aspirations as a development goal

Formally acknowledging a global career as a development goal ensure that mangers and leaders are aligned with your career goals and can collectively work towards helping you achieve them.

So have you considered working outside your home country? How did you go about getting that job/position?

If not, why? Whats stopping you from getting a global perspective of life outside of what you are used to?

{Original whiteboard session from HBR can be found here}

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