CulturallyOurs Ways to create a more mindful travel experience Mallorca Spain

Traveling With Mindfulness And Intuition In Mallorca Spain

CulturallyOurs Ways to create a more mindful travel experience Mallorca Spain

Wanderlust often gets us out of our comfort zones and into one lively adventure after another, exactly what this life is meant for. After all, we only have one life to live, so why not live it to the fullest. But traveling is also often, a voluntary fall into the unknown and unexpected – getting us out of our norm so we can feel live and free. Rather than letting the fear of the unknown hold us back, we need to be open and accepting of all the experiences we can enjoy when we travel.

Our friend Paula Saalfeld who shared her thoughts around healthy habits that work not just for your body but also for your mind, is back to sharing her most recent travel experience to Mallorca, Spain. This time she talks about ways to create a more mindful and restful travel experience no matter where your next travels take you.

From Paula,

Mallorca – this place was not on my travel list at all and generally I had no specific expectation about this Spanish island. As life has shown me over and over again, things that don’t fully convince me first, are usually exactly the things that make me fall in love and surprise me the most, once I open myself up for them!

This beautiful island in Spain had me – beautiful limestone mountains, stunning cycling routes and hiking trails, authentic towns, scenic coastal drives, traditional wineries & a ton of fresh produce.CulturallyOurs Ways to create a more mindful travel experience Mallorca SpainThis whole trip started, because we randomly found a last-minute flight from Germany and before I could think about it any longer, this idea turned into a little journey.  No plans or destinations, more of a messy and unexpected start, but that’s what made it so special and again taught me a lot.  When we arrived on the island, everything happened spontaneously by exploring, talking to locals and simply following our intuition. The great thing about traveling without expectations is that you always get surprised and there are things coming up, which you wouldn’t have seen coming. If you let your journeys unfold before you, instead of planning it into a fixed itinerary – it will be more unforgettable and meaningful.

How about starting your next journey with an open mind, allowing anything to happen and accepting it just as it is?
Embrace the unknown. There is always something good, even in a ‘bad’ circumstance. Traveling is so much sweeter when it is done intuitively and the uneasiness is often the most powerful catalyst of growth while traveling. Great adventures are waiting for you too if you adopt this mindset. Don’t over-plan.

We stayed in a traditional finca, which was located in the middle of the island, near Petra. This place used to be a winery in the 17th century and had beautiful rural and rustic rooms.  A great advantage of unplanned travel and traditional accommodations is that you get to meet inspiring and interesting people and get this wonderful exchange. Our Finca was managed by two Australians who followed their dream of simply starting a new adventure. He is originally from Spain and these two found this wonderful old finca which was family owned for centuries. Since the origin owner moved to a village nearby, these two decided to rent this place and offer it for accommodation. The old owner comes around once in a while and enjoys how they care for this lovely house and garden and how they bring life to this place by having many guests over. CulturallyOurs Ways to create a more mindful travel experience Mallorca SpainIn general, we were lucky to meet many lovely locals who could always give us good tips and tell us their stories about the region. I really love the possibility of independence and being able to self-supply. For me, there’s nothing better than strolling around the local markets in other countries, buying local produce and afterwards creating new meals in the kitchen. Due to the constraints and also enrichments you have on your travels, you come up with completely new ideas and creations.

To get around on the island we decided to rent a car. That allowed us to be more flexible and to explore narrow roads and small villages, by just driving off route.

One of the most beautiful views was the drive up to Cap de Formentor Lighthouse. It’s such a magical spot – but instead of staying at the lighthouse platform – you should bring some picnic, climb up on one of the surrounding hills and enjoy the sunset!
It is also worth to drive to some cities and just stop where you want to hang out for longer. I really fell in love with Deia, Valdemossa, Sóller and the cliffs of Portochristo.CulturallyOurs Ways to create a more mindful travel experience Mallorca Spain
If you want to spend time in nature, Mallorca is the place for you. There are hundreds of hiking trails through the mountains and untouched nature and alpine landscapes combined with spectacular views of the Mediterranean sea. I loved the trails in Artà and could have stared endlessly up there at the wide blue ocean that merges somewhere with the horizon. For even more nature beauty, walks through Europe’s largest botanical garden, Botanicactus, are well worth it. You will find countless cacti and succulents, as well as olive, pomegranate, almond, pine, cypress, orange, carob, eucalyptus trees and so much more.

Here are a few ways you can be mindful during your next trip or vacation

  • Just explore while traveling, let your intuition guide you, it will take you to the most beautiful corners and experiences.
  • Do what feels right for you and not what a guide book tells you to do. At the end of the day, it is all about the experience.
  • For all the things you are doing on your journey, slow down and enjoy. Nothing else needs to be done. If you find yourself stressing and rushing to the next thing or destination, ease up a bit. It’s totally fine to do nothing and just be.
  • Maybe use this opportunity to try some meditation exercises or just simply learning to be aware of each moment, for example eating without your phone and any other distraction. Any time you are actually present with what you are experiencing, life is that much richer.
  • Keep in mind that travel isn’t jumping from one instagram location to the next. You travel for so much more than some pretty pictures. And your trip doesn’t have to include ticking off a specific number of travel recommendations, which you should visit.

It’s an experience – not a to-do. Be present. Please remember that. And most important: Be mindful. This earth is not just for us. These oceans, mountains, rivers, cities and coast are not just for us. Leave nothing but your memories behind.

Go with love, be mindful, travel safe and enjoy your adventure.CulturallyOurs Ways to create a more mindful travel experience Mallorca SpainThank you Paula for your wonderful insight into mindfulness, lightness and intuition in a travel situation. Mindfulness has many definitions, and can mean different things to each of us, and can be practiced in many ways. The underlying principle, however, remains the same: experiencing the present moment exactly as it is, without resistance or judgment. It is true that when practiced regularly, mindfulness can make us less reactive and more accepting of whatever’s happening in our current situation.

{Words and Images by Paula Saalfeld, Instagram: @plantifultaste}

Mindful Travel Experience To Mallorca Spain

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