CulturallyOurs Travel Essentials For Any Trip

15 Travel Essentials For Every Trip

CulturallyOurs Travel Essentials For Any Trip

When you travel, irrespective of where you are going or what type of adventure you are pursuing, there are always some travel essentials that are an absolute necessity to bring along. From torches to power packs, to masks and hand sanitizers, this list includes fifteen easy, affordable, necessary essentials that you should consider bringing on your next travel adventure, whether it be to the state preserve down the road or a long trek in the mountains.

And always make sure trusted people know where you are going if you are heading out alone, or even if you are traveling with a group. The more people who know where you are going and when you are expected to be back, the safer the trip overall. Keep yourself safe and don’t forget to have fun on your adventures.CulturallyOurs Travel Essentials For Any TripEarlier in the year we shared some travel tips, tricks and hacks as shared by our travel community, to help you prepare for your trip. Now here are some travel essentials that you should pack for any kind of trip.

#1 Good quality head lamp or torch

Head lamps are easily affordable items that are hands-free and provide well-needed light when you are out and about outdoors – especially if you are hiking in the dark or even around twilight. They make for ideal sources of light when there is no electricity or when the bathroom light flickers out during a storm. Of course, make sure you have enough batteries if your head lamp is a battery-operated one, but if yours is solar-powered or energy-efficient, that’s even better. You can even carry rechargeable batteries depending on the length of your trip. Remember to pack batteries in your carryon luggage if you are flying somewhere on your trip.

#2 Unlocked smartphone

This is a particularly essential travel accessory if you are traveling internationally. A local SIM card is crucial in a foreign country, especially if you need to use GPS or e-maps. But having an unlocked smartphone gives you access to a lot of resources if you ever get into a tight spot, so have one handy. Although, given this day and age of contactless everything, everyone travels with a smartphone. You can even get an international calling and data plan from your cell phone service provider if you don’t want to bother with a local SIM. Even if you just have your phone for photos, it has enough information to help you get safe. Make sure your smartphone is always charged and carry a powerpack if necessary to charge the phone if charging is not an option where you are or you are going.

#3 Utility knife

Not everyone is comfortable carrying a utility knife and thats okay. But having it is a huge lifesaver. It comes in handy in a number of situations from cutting food, opening cans, trimming nails, cutting rope or even just giving that added sense of safety especially if you are traveling alone. But remember this goes in the checked luggage especially if you are traveling by air because security will not let you carry it onboard the aircraft.

#4 Universal adapter

Many times, traveling internationally can pose a problem for different power sockets. It’s always a good idea to carry a universal adapter to avoid the chance of being stuck without access to power for your devices. Most of the time you probably won’t need it, but better safe than sorry. You don’t want to get lost out there or find yourself without something to call for safety with. Universal adapters are relatively cheap so it is better to buy a couple and pack it in a few different places – one for your carryon and one in your luggage. If you are going on a long road trip internationally, you can purchase a car adaptor that connects into the power charger in the car. That way you can charge multiple devices during your journey. Of course the newer models of cars all have USB chargers so you can use that to power up and charge your devices.

#5 Power pack for your devices

If you are trekking without access to a power source, it’s a good idea to charge and keep a powerpack for the devices you’re carrying. They come in all shapes and sizes and are especially useful when you want to charge a phone or camera battery on the go.

#6 Packing bags or ziplock bags

These come in handy when you’re packing stuff, holding stuff, or shopping. Make sure to have plenty – better over-prepared than under. You can use them for laundry baskets, or even raincoats for your bags.  If you can, try and use reusable ones. Sometimes hotels will also offer shoe bags that are made of cloth that can be reused to carry odds and ends.

#7 Sarong or scarf

This is particularly useful for women travelers. From twisted to straight, a towel to a scarf, a sarong can be used so many different ways. In a pinch, they act as a towel, a sweater or even just an added layer of covering when needed. You can even gift-wrap a souvenir in one and pack it up for added protection on your way back home. They are generally cheap and affordable so pack at least one with you.

#8 Travel towel

Pack a towel for traveling use if you don’t want to use your sarong as a towel. Quick-drying fabrics work best and are easy to pack. Travel towels can be used in tight situations when a hostel or hotel doesn’t offer one with the rooms. And if you’re caught in a rainstorm? Even better to have one on your person.

#9 Rain poncho

These are really travel-friendly and can be shoved into a bag if necessary. Light-weight and easy to wear around, ponchos can be used to keep your clothes dry if the sky suddenly opens up on you. Not to mention if you’re headed somewhere where there is a possibility of rain, there will be shops there selling them too.

#10 Flip-flops

Flip-flops can be used in several ways that aren’t even remotely beach-related. In communal showers, spas, and giving your feet a break. They are light, portable, and easy to wear and are a must to pack.

#11 Packing scale

This can help you avoid long airplane lines to weigh your baggage and fees for excess weight as well as repacking scrambles that make not only you frustrated, but everyone else in line. With you knowing how much your bag weighs yourself, you can keep your trip stress-free and have a lightweight packing scale along for the journey.

#12 Travel pillow

The days of neck-cramping on airplanes or long road tips are over. Choose to take a travel pillow so that you can avoid neck pains as long as you travel. And instead of lugging around a bulky plush one, choose an inflatable pillow that allows you to save space yet still have the comfort you need.

#13 Toilet paper

This is a must. An emergency roll can help you avoid leaves touching your privates and get you out of a sticky situation without toilet paper. Even a small roll of toilet paper does wonders for bad situations.

#14 Duct tape

Duct tape is so helpful when you think there’s no other hope. Use it to repair luggage, sunglasses, and shoes. Even if the fix is temporary, it will save you so much time rather than buying something new. Also, it can be used in emergency situations if the situation is truly dire.

#15 Sturdy shoes

When you’re set for a trek or even just a trip filled with lots of walking around and hours on your feet, invest in a good sturdy pair of shoes that will last and be comfortable for a whole day on your feet. You don’t want the added stress of blisters or uncomfortable shoes, so make it easier for your future self and get sturdy shoes.

Bonus: Face masks and hand sanitizers

In the days of COVID and the pandemic, having a face mask is a given. When you travel it is a good idea to carry a few different masks so that even if you loose one, you have a space. Our friends who have shared their experiences in Season 05 of the CulturallyOurs podcast know only too well that rules and regulations around face masks vary not only state to state but also country to country. For example, Iceland does not mandate wearing masks whereas New Zealand has a strict mask mandate. So be prepared for any situation when you travel especially in post-Covid times.

What do you think of this list? Are there other items that you would consider a must in terms of travel essentials based on your experience? We would love to know!

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15 Travel Essentials To Pack For Any Trip By CulturallyOurs


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