CulturallyOurs Sylvia Fountaine Feasting At Home

Multicultural Cuisines with Sylvia Fountaine

CulturallyOurs Sylvia Fountaine Feasting At Home
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“I let the seasons drive my inspiration in the kitchen especially fresh and local produce that is available only at certain times of the year. I find that this mindset and philosophy grounds me and brings me in alignment with the environment.”

Don’t these words just inspire you to follow the same approach when it comes to things we put inside our bodies by way of food? Well! you are in for a treat because the rest of the conversation with my dear friend Sylvia Fountaine is just as inspiring. Sylvia is a ex-chef turned uber successful food blogger and the creator of Feasting At Home, where she shares incredible multicultural recipes from all over the world inspired by her own multicultural household of Egyptian and Finnish backgrounds.

We talked about so many things and all through out the conversation Sylvia just exuded this sense of calm and collectedness about her life and life’s journey. We talked about comfort foods, foods that our bodies just crave because they know what is good and what is wholesome. We also talked about gut health – microbiome – it was quite a fascinating conversation.

Perhaps one of my favorite parts of this conversation came when I asked Sylvia what’s next in her food blogging journey. Her answer just blew me away. She said,”I am happy where I am at the moment. I am always looking to reduce stress in my life and while I know things are always not going to be as good as it is now, for now, I just want to enjoy this and enjoy life”. So often as business owners and as driven motivated people we are always reaching for the next thing even before we are done with our current journey. While being driven and staying hungry for success is not a bad thing, slowing down and savoring the journey and all our accomplishments are equally if not more important, don’t you agree?

Speaking with Sylvia was such a delight and I know you are going to enjoy getting to know her and learn about her food journey on this episode of CulturallyOurs.

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