CulturallyOurs Season 03 Lifestyle And People

Season 03 Of CulturallyOurs Lifestyle And People

CulturallyOurs Season 03 Lifestyle And People
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The world economic forum list Tokyo, Beijing and New York as the top 3 most populated cities in the world with Tokyo leading the pack at around 39MM people. That’s a population density of around 16K people per square mile. Yes, you heard that right, its 16,000 people per square mile. On the flip side Vatican city and Nauru are some of the least populated with less than 1000 residents year around.

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to live in one of these places? The diversity in people, language, food, art and culture is extremely fascinating. Or even in a country like Norway where in the summer sunlight extends almost 24 hours. How do people adjust to that phenomenon? Or when it is the peak of summer in Dubai with temperatures soaring above 45deg Fahrenheit, it is winter in Australia where people are planning ski trips to nearby mountain resorts.

People all over the world lead fascinating lives. What might seem mundane and boring for some is extremely exciting and fantastic for others.CulturallyOurs Season 03 Lifestyle And PeopleFrom road warriors to artists, activities to changemakers, chefs to foodies, and expats to adventure junkies we meet and connect with these people who share their stories, life journeys, passions and experiences as a way for us to understand how they live and pursue their dreams in spite of what life has thrown their way.

Diversity is such a beautiful thing. It opens you up to different perspectives, different ideas and different opportunities. The more we understand, the more we begin to appreciate what it is truly means. And appreciation brings empathy and acceptance.

Join me for Season 03 of CulturallyOurs which is all about Lifestyles and People as we travel the world to speak to people who are leading pretty interesting lives as a way to connect with each other from the inside out.

I leave you with this beautiful quote by Cleo Wade, an American poet and artist. She says –

Don’t be the reason why someone feels insecure and unwelcome. Be the reason someone feels seen, heard and supported by the whole universe.

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